Is the Smart car finally coming to the States?

Is the Smart car finally coming to the States?


The gas-sipping Smart car has exceeded the expectations of Daimler-Chrysler as far as the Canadian market is concerned, selling nearly double what they were originally hoping for, so it would only make sense that they start deploying these little golf cart like suckers in the United States as well, right?

Well, the question has been thrown around for some time now, and it seems that we will finally find out next month whether the Smart brand is heading to the country with stars and stripes.

Sure, you could turn to the importers to grab a Smart car from the great white north, but for a full market penetration, they need to start selling these at official dealerships. If they do indeed decide to sell the little vehicles in the United States, there is a good chance they will be using the same strategy as Canada and dish out the two-seaters at Mercedes dealerships.

Prices will also likely be similar to Canada’s, with a base Smart fortwo starting at $16,700 (CDN).