Cisco inks VoIP deals with Nokia, Intel

Cisco inks VoIP deals with Nokia, Intel


Cisco is branching out yet again, cementing powerful new VoIP partnerships with Nokia and Intel. The Nokia deal pertains to dual-mode handsets; the Intel agreement is for VoIP-enabled notebooks.

CCX, the Cisco Compatible Extensions that power the client-to-network communications wirelessly, will be updated to support the VoIP technologies. The main difference you will notice is a longer battery life. CCX communicates with its access point only when instructed to do so for conversing—unlike WLAN protocols, which involve nearly constant pinging to keep a connection ready just in case you want to talk.

The CCX-advantaged VoIP-enabled Nokia handsets will be available by the end of the year. No specific timetable has been issued for the corresponding Intel notebooks, although both Cisco and Intel have confirmed that the CCX technology will be incorporated into the next generation of Centrino chips.