Stop bushwhacking, use BallFinder Scout

Stop bushwhacking, use BallFinder Scout


Some say that football is a game of inches, but I think the same holds true when it comes to hitting up the links. The tiniest of errors can result in huge losses when it comes to golf, so it is absolutely paramount to find any way possible to improve your score, and one of the ways that many players rack up the strokes is by losing a ball in deep rough. Well, the BallFinder SCOUT will find your ball: you’ll be able to play through the thick grass and not take a penalty stroke.

You don’t need a special RFID ball or anything of that sort for the BallFinder SCOUT to work, but you will have to opt for white balls (it won’t read the yellow, pink, and other rainbow of colors out there). The integrated digital camera scans 600 square feet per second, working in almost any terrain. If at least 1% of your ball is exposed, it will alert you and you can continue your game. Save time and strokes.

Of course, at $260, you may be better off investing in some golf lessons so you don’t keep hitting the balls into the bush in the first place.