Get your kicks with this FIFA laptop

Get your kicks with this FIFA laptop


Toshiba can help you with that World Cup fever. They have released a commemorative laptop that sports a gold-painted cover with the World Cup design and all kinds of other fun footie features, including the names and years won of previous champions and host countries.

It’s a fully loaded Dynabook TX laptop, boasting a 1.6Ghz Core Duo processor, an LCD that is 15.4″ WXGA, a hard disk that holds up to 80GB, RAM that goes up to 512MB, and Harman Kardon speakers.

You can get it for US$1700, and you can get it on May 26. Should give you some time to save up, maybe even practice your penalty kicks.

BTW, for those keeping score on the calendar, the countdown is to June 9, when the FIFA World Cup opens up with Germany against Costa Rica and Poland against Ecuador.