Cell phones for supermodels from Elite

Cell phones for supermodels from Elite


From Milan to Paris, Rome to New York, if you’re a supermodel on the go, you need to stay in touch with the rest of the world. But there really isn’t much room with your little black dress to hide a cell phone, nor do you want to carry around a clunky purse either. Enter Elitephone, a Dutch phonemaker who creates “a mobile for models by Elite Model Look!” is taking on the Nokia 7380 L’Amour.

The first model coming out of the Elitephone is the eML1. This is one tiny phone at 59 x 53 x 22.5 mm and 75 grams, but it is a little surprising they went with the “small” form factor rather than the “thin” shape. The phone itself comes with less than fantastic features.

Instead, you’ll find a basic VGA camera, GPRS for data, a couple of color displays (internal TFT, external OLED), and polyphonic ringtones. There’s a fashionable “Elite Model Look vanity case” that accompanies the eML1. Now available through select retailers and distributors in the Netherlands.