Motorola’s new patent is a shocker

Motorola’s new patent is a shocker


If you feel the cellphone ringer is much too rude, and for some reason vibe mode just never seems to get your attention, then Motorola has something in the works that will surely warn you of an incoming call. The company has filed a patent with the U.S. Government for a system that lets you know someone is calling you by giving you a mild electric shock. Other than your scream, the system is completely soundless.

It works like this – there’s a small pad with electrodes that you attach to your skin. When someone calls, the pad is wirelessly triggered and the electrical stimulation lets you know that you are wanted. You can even program the system to deliver unique shocks for different callers. That’s like personalized ring tones, only a touch more personal. As a special bonus, you can even use the electrical system to deliver therapeutic body stimulation.

Though it is patented, there is no word as to whether this will ever show up in a product model phone. It would certainly take some getting used to, and some people may even like it, a little too much if you know what I mean.