VW goes for shock factor with new “Crash” ads

VW goes for shock factor with new “Crash” ads


When it comes to commercials for new cars, manufacturers usually try to sell the public by showing them great styling, impressive power, or its safety and convenience. Sure, you could just tell people how safe your new vehicle is by flashing the crash-test rating on the screen, or show the car being demolished in a crash facility with dummies at the wheel, but Volkswagen is taking a different approach.

The two latest TV ads from the German automaker feature a couple of friends riding along in one of the new Jettas, only to be involved in a major accident. Moments later, they emerge unscathed, thanks to the car’s latest safety features.

For me, it seems like a new twist on an old formula for drinking and driving spots that I’ve seen in the past. Difference being that the occupants of the car are a-okay. The shock factor will definitely catch you off guard if you haven’t seen these commercials before, and as such, could prove to be quite memorable. Will remembering these spots convince you to head to a VW dealership?