Verizon RAZRs get some freedom

Verizon RAZRs get some freedom


Verizon is well known in the business for crippling the functionality of their cell phones before offering them to customers. Case in point has been the Motorola RAZR V3c, which they took away the ability to transfer pictures to your computer via USB or Bluetooth.

Rejoice, V3c owners, because a new firmware update is now available that lets you get your Motorola Phone Tools on, as well as opening up the OBEX Bluetooth profile.

You can waltz on over to your local Verizon agent and get them to crank in the RAZR V3c firmware update, and then you can rush home to your computer and upload all those pictures you’ve been itching to email off to far-off friends but couldn’t justify paying the data rates on. Imagine that, transferring your own photographs for free.

And with the OBEX profile now available (that they crippled, then completely removed, and now resurrected), you can transfer wirelessly, connecting to any Bluetooth dongle.