The Legend of Heroes continues

The Legend of Heroes continues


For some RPG fans, the be all and end all is the Final Fantasy series, but for many more, there is an intense need to branch out and explore brave new worlds, act as all new characters, and perform fantastic new feats. If you enjoyed last year’s “The Legend of Heroes: A Tear of Vermillion”, you’ll be happy to hear that the sequel “Prophecy of the Moonlight Princess” is heading to your Sony PSP this summer.

This game has already been available in Japan for almost a year and a half, and you probably could have imported it and enjoyed the title well before anyone else on this side of the Pacific, but fumbling through the menus without a good knowledge of the Japanese language would be quite the challenge.

The story is that of Jurio and Chris, long-time friends who are embarking on a journey to five shrines surrounding their village. This “epic coming of age story” is a turn-based RPG, and is filled with “fuzzy creatures as companions that aid” our heroes.