Netgear taking pre-orders for Skype Wi-Fi phone

Netgear taking pre-orders for Skype Wi-Fi phone


If you want to make your Skype calls without having to be attached to a computer, then the SPH101 Wi-Fi phone from Netgear could be a good solution for you. Set to start shipping on June 30th, Amazon is all prepped up to start taking pre-orders now on their website, but it’s going to cost you a pretty penny to get your hands on one.

You are getting a discount, though, from the $300 list price. Amazon is dishing out the standalone Skype goodness for $250. We first heard about this phone back in January, so it is good to get a firmer release date and a sense that all this news you read on a computer screen actually corresponds to something you can buy, and not just another “concept” or “handset that will never come to North America.”

Highlights from this phone include the ability to manage your contact list, and to forward calls to your mobile, landline or other Skype account at will. The iPod-esque appearance isn’t too shabby either. Now if we can only get a phone that does both Skype and SIP… If Wi-Fi isn’t so important to you, check out the Cordless Dualphone, its about half the price.