GPS solutions provides indoor tracking

GPS solutions provides indoor tracking


The biggest current drawback to GPS navigation is the difficulty in finding a signal indoors or in a dense urban areas. Just yesterday we saw one potential solution that uses TV signals instead of satellite signals.

Navman has a different solution. Instead of looking towards new technology they have improved their existing technology. The Jupiter 30 GPS module is sensitive enough to pick up a signal in any of those problem areas. It can track up to 20 of the 24 GPS satellites flying overhead and can read signals at up to 500 meters per second with an acceleration of up to 5Gs, so it seems useful in all practical purposes.

The whole module is about the size of a Compact Flash card and weighs just four grams. Navman will be starting to produce the module this month. If it works as advertised it could start showing up in a lot of devices fairly quickly. The most ideal solution would be embedding the module in notebook computers, if they are stolen, you can then locate it wherever it may be, as soon as it is powered up.