IOPS MP3 player with SRS 2.0 sound enhancement

IOPS MP3 player with SRS 2.0 sound enhancement


The way things are going, you will never find any shortage of MP3 players any time soon, whether you’re in the market for a high capacity hard drive-based unit or an ultra-portable flash memory-unit. You may not have heard of IOPS before, and you’ll probably forget their name after you finish reading this, but you can’t blame them for trying. This unit – which seems to be lacking a model number – does come with some nifty features, and a whole lot of standard ones too.

You’ll get support for MP3s and WMAs, as well as the popular OGG format that everyone seems to be in love with these days. Power is adequate with an audio frequency output of 20mW + 20mW, with juice coming from a lithium ion battery. The 65k color OLED display isn’t anything special, though it is nice to hear that this thing (whatever it’s called) comes loaded with SRS 2.0 sound enhancement.

No word on capacities, pricing, or availability. Yes, they’re that helpful.