7.2-megapixel shooters from Sony sport huge screens

7.2-megapixel shooters from Sony sport huge screens


Here I am stuck with an archaic 2-megapixel Minolta Dimage X, the likes of which can be easily outdone by a cameraphone in Korea, with a tiny LCD viewfinder that for some reason sucks up battery life like there’s no tomorrow. On the other hand are two new cameras coming from the Sony camp, the DSC-T30 and DSC-H5, both of which sport 7.2-megapixel Super HAD CCDs for super-high resolution snapshots.

Both come with 3-inch LCD viewfinders, so there’s no squinting to ensure you are capturing the perfect shot. Reviewing your gems is a piece of cake too, so there’s no second guessing whether you need to retake a photograph. Sony makes a strong point to mention that the LCDs here are “up to 1.6 times better than other LCDs available (sic) on mobile devices”, when it comes to color reproduction.

The T30 takes on the same slim camera form factor you’ve come to expect from Sony’s T-series, comes with a 3x optical zoom and starts shipping April 21st to the Japanese market. The H5 is a bit of a bulkier beast, but you get to make use of an incredible 12x optical zoom lens when it hits the market on May 19th. Despite other reports on the internet, the H5 is not a DSLR.