300: March to Glory for the PSP

300: March to Glory for the PSP


Another news day, another movie tie-in. It seems that we can never get enough of officially licensed products, be it new wallpapers and ringtones for your cell phones, or in this case, another title for the Sony PSP that on surface appears to be another cash-grab based on an upcoming movie. This time, however, the announcement comes way before we’re even close to recognizing this movie. In fact, 300: March to Glory is not expected to be hitting the PSP until some time next year.

Building on the success of Sin City (who could forget Jessica Alba… oh, and the other actors too, right), another Frank Miller classic is heading to the silver screen. Based on one of his graphic novels, 300: March to Glory depicts stylized violence in much the same way as Sin City, so you can expect the same to be translated onto the PSP’s portable screen.

The details are still pretty slim, but what we do know is that 300: March to Glory tells the story of the ancient Battle of Thermopylae where 300 Spartans took on the Persian army (hence the title).

Note: the picture is not from this video game and is for illustrative purposes only.