World’s thinnest slider from Samsung: SPH-V8900

World’s thinnest slider from Samsung: SPH-V8900


Yes, Samsung is in the news again, so today is really no different than any other. Yes, the news is about a new cell phone and it’s an ultra-thin model. In fact, they’re claiming that the SPH-V8900 is the world’s slimmest slider phone, and as expected from Samsung, they’re packing in the features to accompany the pretty Korean spokeswomen (or just models, I’m not sure).

While the camera would be quite appealing here in the North American market, at 1.3 megapixels, it’s not quite up to snuff for the people of Seoul, I would think, when they have cameraphones with 5+ megapixels readily available. What is nice is that there is a full suite of productivity applications, including an electronic dictionary, packaged in. Chances are it does multimedia and has some form of expansion, but they make no mention of it as of yet.

Expected to retail around $529 USD, the Samsung SPH-V8900 is a mere 13.8 mm thick. Now if someone could explain to me what holding this phone on the model’s shoulder is supposed to demonstrate…