Two new patents will block out background noise

Two new patents will block out background noise


As good as cell phones are, there is nothing more annoying in the world than trying to make out what someone is saying when they are almost completely drowned out by background noise. Two new patents filed by a company called TechnoConcepts could change that. Their new inventions are said to virtually eliminate background noise in cell phones and other devices.

The technology relies on a high speed A/D converter and a programmable waveform processor to do it’s magic. Apparently users will be able to speak even in a loud and crowded area and be heard by the person on the other end. Users will be able to hear better on their phones as well, because the system will also eliminate the background noise you hear on your phone.

TechnoConcepts hopes to have the technology available to be part of phones by 2007. No word on how far along they are in building relationships with the manufacturers that will use the system, or how much additional cost it will add to phones.