Homecast ‘Tvus’ PMP with integrated T-DMB

Homecast ‘Tvus’ PMP with integrated T-DMB


The way things are going, there will never be a shortage of personal media players in the country of Korea. Sure, you could turn to bigger names like Cowon for your portable video watching needs, but when a company like Homecast releases such an attractive device, you can’t help but take a second glance.

The ‘Tvus’ has a sleek rounded design, and will tackle a good variety of video formats. Upload all your WMVs and AVIs, including those that are DivX or XviD encoded, as well as MPEG movies. Of course, it will do the audio playback thing as well, likely with support for MP3 and WMA formats, though AVING makes no mention of this feature. The ‘Tvus’ also sports an image/text viewer. Interestingly, it runs on Windows CE, but most notably, it has an integrated T-DMB receiver that is said to get better signal quality and strength than the add-ons you’ll find on other PMPs.

The Homecast ‘Tvus’ is set to ship at the end of this month. No price has been announced, but we do hear that the company is planning future iterations to include mobile PVR, navigation, and Wi-Bro.