Dual-mode Nokia 6280 is great for video telephony

Dual-mode Nokia 6280 is great for video telephony


We managed to unearth a few pictures of the latest handset from our friends at Nokia. The 6280 sports a definite Nokia look, despite being in a slider form factor which usually isn’t their style. This mobile phone swings both ways, as it were, as it will do dual-mode WCDMA and tri-band GSM.

One of the main selling points, it seems, is the 6280’s ability to do video telephony, though there are many other handsets on the market that also sport this capability. Video calls are nice since it’s “almost like being there.” Other features include video ring tones, a 2 megapixel camera complete with landscape mode (though no mention of flash), and a “large” 262k color display.

Multimedia is a piece of cake, as this handset has an integrated stereo MP3 player (presumably with built-in speakers), supports the “fast download” of games, music, videos, and other hefty content, and has a miniSD expansion slot for extra memory. No word on pricing or availability.