The exclusive Nokia 7380 L’Amour Edition

The exclusive Nokia 7380 L’Amour Edition


Nokia is targeting Canadian design connoisseurs with the Nokia 7380, the first phone to hit Canada from the exclusive L’Amour Collection of fashion phones. It is a lipstick shaped phone which is described as the perfect after-hours fashion accessory. Nokia noted how old world techniques were re-emerging as part of high fashion, so they incorporated natural materials, colors and patterns into the design of the collection. The phone includes details like eggshell ceramic, walnut brown leather and stainless steel and amber accents.

When the phone is turned off it has a mirrored display so you can check your hair or your makeup. Once you turn it on your mirror becomes a color display. Apparently the incredibly hip don’t like keys, either, because the 7380 has discarded number pads in favor of a Navi Spin dial and enhanced voice commands. You can take pictures of the other beautiful people with the 2 megapixel camera or listen to the latest hot band on the integrated MP3 player.

The Nokia 7380 will be available in Canada for $775 at exclusive retailer Holt Renfrew. No word on availability in other countries.