Sleek, fast Dell laptops aimed at gamers

Sleek, fast Dell laptops aimed at gamers


Alienware is flexing its muscles.

The recently acquired PC vendor is influencing the style of parent company’s new offerings. Dell has unveiled two new laptops aimed at gamers, in both power and looks.

It’s actually two colors of the same model, the XPS M1710, which features an Intel Core Duo processor and a rippin’ GeForce Go 7900 GTX graphics chip from Nvidia. The colors are Formula Red and Metallic Black. Both feature a 17-inch monitor and the company’s patented RoadReady technology, and one (Red) is more souped-up than the rest.

The Metallic Black model boasts a T2400 processor, a 60GB hard drive, and DDR2 memory in the realm of 1GB. It will retail for US$2,600.

Formula Red ups the ante by adding 20GB of hard drive space and packing a T2500 processor. The price is marked up correspondingly, to US$3,400.