Plantronics adds MP3-phone headsets to lineup

Plantronics adds MP3-phone headsets to lineup


Those of you on the go all the time might welcome these offerings from Plantronics.

First up is the MX203S, a stereo mobile headset for cell phones that specialize in music. Also being introduced are a pair of other headsets, the MX200 and the MX250, that also feature a noise-canceling microphone and the company’s WindSmart technology, designed specifically to improve quality of conversations that take place in windy conditions.

The MX203S features an under-the-ear design that is aimed at maintaining comfort while you are running or walking. Switching from music to phone call requires just one click.

You can get the MX203S for just US$29.99. The others will have price tags of US$19.95 (for the MX200) and US$24.95.