Nintendo DS gets superhero treatment from Superman Returns

Nintendo DS gets superhero treatment from Superman Returns


Video games based on comic books are nothing new, nor is it uncommon to see companies take advantage of movie licenses in much the same fashion. In a sense, both are true with the upcoming Superman Returns movie heading to theatres this summer. Everyone’s favourite man in blue tights is leaping over tall buildings in a single bound and landing right onto the “touching is good” Nintendo DS.

Not only will you get to take advantage of all of Superman’s nifty superhuman abilities like X-ray vision, super hearing, super speed, and super strength, but you’ll be able to do it alongside the actors in the film. Many of the stars are providing their voice talents for the DS title, including Superman (Brandon Routh), Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey), Lois Lane (Kate Bosworth) and Kitty Kowalski (Parker Posey). All in a day’s worth as you save Metropolis yet once again.

The Tiburon Studios (a subsidiary of gaming giant Electronic Arts) is developing the Superman Returns game for the DS, which should start hitting shelves on June 28th.