Cell phone data extractor for CSIs

Cell phone data extractor for CSIs


One of the most popular television programs these days is CSI: Crime Scene Investigation on CBS, because it allows you to see a criminal investigation through, from beginning to end, and, well, you get to see all the cool gadgets that of course every police department has access to, right?

Well, the Logicube CellDEK is a device that I haven’t seen on the TV show yet, but it is something that is available to real crime scene investigators. It can extract data from up to 160 mobile phones, providing leads to an arrest or solving an unsolved mystery. It can grab everything from serial numbers and stored multimedia, to call histories and deleted SMS messages. No one is safe. You can pretty well kiss your privacy goodbye if you leave your phone behind at a crime scene.

Of course, your local police department is going to have to plunk down $20,000 to get their hands on this self-contained system. The Logicube CellDEK features a touchscreen display, infrared, and Bluetooth, with data extraction taking about five minutes to complete.