Bigger hard drive for RCA Lyra X3030 PMP

Bigger hard drive for RCA Lyra X3030 PMP


The personal media player market is quite the competitive one, with shelf lives decreasing each day. So much so, that the RCA Lyra X3000, which has only started receiving reviews for a couple of weeks, is already getting an upgrade next month. The new X3030 PMP will pack a 30GB hard drive, instead of the 20GB found in its predecessor, but will come with much the same feature set.

The 3.6-inch LCD isn’t the largest you’ll find in a PMP these days, but because the screen is smaller, the unit itself is more portable as well. File support is quite good on the Lyra X3030, as it can tackle all of your WMA, PlaysforSure, Audible and DivX files.

Interestingly, despite the larger hard drive on the X3030, when it launches, it will be attached to the same $399 price tag as the 20GB X3000.