Back it all up on a tiny Maxtor external HDD

Back it all up on a tiny Maxtor external HDD


Maybe I’m just getting old, but I remember back in the day when it seemed like there was so much space on a blank CD, that we would never require any other form of backing up our data. That’s why I used to have one of those ZIP drives kicking around with 100MB disks. Oh boy was I wrong.

Maxtor has just announced the newest addition to its line of portable storage, the new OneTouch III Mini Edition external hard drive. Available in capacities of 60GB and 100GB, the compact package weighs in at a barely noticeable 7 ounces. Clearly this is designed more for the user on the go, because the storage is nowhere near that available for the bulkier “home base” type backup hard drives, and the fact that they’ve kept the OneTouch so small.

Because it will likely suffer some abuse from being thrown around into backpacks and whatnot, Maxtor made sure this external HDD was protected. With a rugged design and rubber side panels, it should be able to withstand the usual wear and tear.

Look for the 60GB OneTouch III Mini Edition to retail for $150, while the 100GB should go for $200.