Alltel offers Office Sync for instant mobile e-mail

Alltel offers Office Sync for instant mobile e-mail


The BlackBerry has another competitor that is out to get it. Alltel, which has the largest wireless network in the U.S., is launching Office Sync. It will allow users to send and receive e-mail in real time from their Palm OS and Windows Mobile devices. The service will initially be available on the Palm Treo 650 and the UTStarcom PPC-6700. Office Sync is powered by SEVEN.

There are two different versions of Office Sync that will be available. The Personal Edition will be for individuals and small businesses. It will deliver e-mail along with allowing users to carry their calendars and contacts.

The Enterprise Server Edition offers the same services to large businesses by allowing it o be integrated in the corporate server. Both editions will cost $39.99 per month and will feature unlimited data. Alltel stressed the ease of installation and use as they were developing the offering.