Sharp unveils the 904SH, world’s first VGA phone

Sharp unveils the 904SH, world’s first VGA phone


Sharp’s new 904SH for Japan is being advertised as the first true VGA mobile phone in the world. It has a jaw-dropping 480 x 640 pixel display. The best displays up to this point have been QVGA (Q is for Quarter). That means that the 904SH will have resolution that is four times better than the best you can currently get.

What can you use that visual treat for? The 904SH comes with a 3.2 megapixel camera. You can play 3D video games and they are made even more enjoyable thanks to a Motion Control Sensor. The phone has Bluetooth and uses that Bluetooth to recognize other phones close by so you can instant message with them. An interesting feature will make the phone hard to steal as well. It uses the camera for a face recognition feature that authenticates users by matching their facial characteristics to those on file.

Given the features and the display, the phone doesn’t seem overly expensive. It will cost Japanese subscribers about $210.