buys Sendia, goes mobile buys Sendia, goes mobile


Wireless access to enterprise applications makes all the sense in the world, but it has been slow to emerge. That should change now that has purchased Sendia. bought Sendia, the wireless infrastructure provider for $15 million. They promptly used Sendia’s technology to launch AppExchange Mobile.

The eventual goal is for customers to be able to access any AppExchange application on most mobile devices. As of now only 60 of 209 AppEchange applications are available in mobile forms. Developers have to now spend considerable time, money and effort to make their applications mobile-friendly. AppExchange Mobile will eventually let developers write a program once and run it anywhere. Currently, because of all the problems and difficulties of recreating a program for the mobile world, the pace of change and development is very slow. This will speed that up dramatically and help customers get what they need sooner.