LG working on “drawer” slider phone

LG working on “drawer” slider phone


Don’t expect a working model to be hitting store shelves anytime soon, but we’ve come across a mock-up that depicts a “drawer-type” phone from LG. The Korean mobile handset manufacturer is filing for a patent for the design, which is supposed to take the best attributes of certain form factors, while eliminating their shortcomings.

On the surface, it appears to be a modified version of a conventional slider, and like a regular sliding phone, this handset would have quite the compact form factor when in idle. However, the top cover is motorized and does not have a screen of its own. Rather, it has a clear window that shows the color display behind it, acting as a screen protector. At the same time, when the phone is opened, the antenna is automatically extended to provide better reception. The design ensures that the microphone is closer to the mouth as well.

This “drawer-type” design is not completely outrageous, but it does seem quite interesting. Time will tell whether we’ll see a prototype model.