Cingular getting 3G LG CU500 slim flip

Cingular getting 3G LG CU500 slim flip


If you’re a glutton for high speed data, and can’t possibly live without the capability for video telephony, you can start doing your happy dance now. Cingular is picking up the LG CU500 flip phone, a 3G handset with a feature set that reads like everyone’s dream phone (okay, maybe not quite, but pretty close). You’ll get quad-band GSM/EDGE support, as well as WCDMA (850 and 1900 for sure, with the possibility for 2100 band as well, making a potentially “true” global 3G phone).

You get some uber-fast data speeds thanks to Cingular’s HSDPA (1.8Mbps) network. There’s only one camera, but it’s a swivelling 1.3 megapixel shooter that can double for video telephony purposes. Expansion comes by way of microSD, the display is a 2-inch QCIF TFT LCD, and the antenna is internal.

The FCC has already given this phone the go-ahead, and the product shots are clearly showing some Cingular branding, so expect the LG CU500 to be hitting retailers really soon at a yet to be disclosed price.