Another not-so-hot MP3 player from Samsung

Another not-so-hot MP3 player from Samsung


I don’t get it. Why does Samsung make all these flashy slim cell phones that has everyone drooling over their computer monitors, but when it comes to MP3 players, I can’t get myself to do much more than yawn. Maybe MP3 players just aren’t as sexy, and the YP-U2X follows through with that line of thinking. It’s just another flash-based DAP with a 4-line FSTN inverse LCD display (no color, boo…).

The standard set of features apply, including support for MP3, WMA, ASF and WAV formats, though the love for OGG is notably missing. Other highlights include an FM tuner, 13 equalizer settings, and a built-in mic for some low quality notes-to-self.

One thing that does set the YP-U2X apart from the competition is not the integrated USB connection, but the fact that it has a built-in LED light.

The 512MB Samsung YP-U2X is on sale now for $70 from Best Buy, but there is still no word as to when (and if) the 1GB YP-U2Z and 2GB YP-U2Q varieties will be coming ashore.