Skullcandy headset has two jacks for phones and iPods

Skullcandy headset has two jacks for phones and iPods


It’s hard to give up on your iPod, even if musicphones are starting to flood the market to rival the use of a dedicated audio player. The Skullcandy Cellphone/iPod headset is designed to serve both of your electronic goodies, because there is a pair of headphone jacks: one for your phone, the other for your Apple player.

They’re not wireless, however, so you will have to deal with the mess and frustration brought on by tangles, but it is an economical solution for those of you who want the dual functionality from a single headset. This Skullcandy package is available in two varieties: if you’re feeling a little conventional and not too flashy, you can go for the regular ol’ earbud style that features a max input of 60mW; alternatively, if you want a sportier look and a more powerful thump, the behind the ear / neckstrap style offers 120mW max input power and good-sized 30mm “drive units for deep bass.”

Both are priced at $29.99 and are available now.