Hybrid Vespa cuts down on gas

Hybrid Vespa cuts down on gas


With gas prices the way they are, nearly everyone is looking for ways to improve their fuel efficiency and save money making their way around the city. For short daily commutes, some have opted to go on two wheels and get a scooter of some kind, because they easily use far less fuel than even the smallest of cars. Well, if you’re looking to save even more, Vespa is working on a couple of scooters that feature hybrid engines.

They not only provide for up to 20% better fuel efficiency, but with the addition of the electric motors, your “zipping around the town with a baguette on your back” mobile gets a 25% power boost as well. There’s even an option to run completely on electricity, eliminating exhaust fumes altogether.

The LX 50 is the more entry-level model, with a 50cc gas motor and 1000W electric motor, but if you want something a little sleeker and a little more powerful, you’ll want to turn to the Piaggio X8 125 with its 125cc gas motor and 2500W electric motor.

Sorry to get you all excited, but the hybrid Vespas aren’t available yet. They’re still testing them in Milan.