Disney in the hot seat, DVD players recalled

Disney in the hot seat, DVD players recalled


The company has come a long way since the days of Steamboat Willie. They’ve cashed in on a number of lucrative industries – including opening several theme parks all across the globe – and Disney even makes a good variety of electronics. However, they’re having their fare share of problems because over 100,000 Disney-branded portable DVD players are being recalled due to faulty battery packs.

According to Memcorp and the Consumer Product Safety Commission, these batteries (made in China by McNair Technology and Unitech Battery) are known to overheat, as they’ve had no fewer than 17 complaints regarding the matter. These players are sold at the aforementioned theme parks, as well as being available through Disney’s online store, and retail between $70 and $130 each.

The reports range from property damage to minor skin irritation, so if you bought your child (or yourself, for that matter) one of these 3-inch screened players, you are advised to send it back.

Affected models:

  • The Princess DP3500-PRN
  • Fairy Flowers DP3500-FLR
  • Mickey Classic DP3500-MC
  • Mickey Mouse DP3500-MKY
  • Power Rangers DP3500-POW