Yahoo! adds additional features to HELIO services


    Helio is steady as she goes with its marketing strategy that targets the younger demographic, the type of people who would have grown up using search engines, email, and instant messengers. It is in this line of thought that spurred the company to form an official partnership with Yahoo! to add some special mobile web functionality to their cell phones.

    For starters, Yahoo! Messenger and Mail will be integral to the service, allowing you to quickly and effortlessly stay in touch with all your friends no matter where you happen to be, sideways smiley faces and all. Potentially more interesting, however, is the search engine feature found right on the handset’s main screen – just like dialing a number – allowing you to easily rack up the mobile data charges as you just have to check out all the results.

    Personally, I haven’t used much of Yahoo!’s services in such a long time — other than their email; I’ve never used Yahoo IM — so it will be interesting to see how much of a leg up this will provide for the upstart MVNO.