Video ringtones for your Palm Treo

Video ringtones for your Palm Treo


Remember way back when you could be the first person on your block to rock the polyphonic ringtone. You were the talk of the town, beating out all your once-cool friends and their Nokias. Then Joe from down the street got a handset that had real music, playing MP3s anytime someone called. Then we saw picture ID. With the proliferation of video capabilities on mobile phones, it was only a matter of time before we saw (or watched, rather) video ringtones.

VideoTones v1.0 for Palm OS is the perfect complement to your Treo 600 or 650 (no love for the 700w, because that’s rocking Windows Mobile), mating different ringtones to all those people in your Contact list. Not only can you do the regular MP3, WAV or OGG thing, but now you can add AVIs to the mix as well so you’ll know that it’s Keanu calling, and yes, he’s answering with “Whoa.” What’s more, the software “includes North America area codes so you can see where the call is coming from,” because you use your cell for so much long distance, after all.

The new way to drain your battery is regularly priced at $19.99, they’re having a promotion until the end of the month that knocks $5 off.