TDK making Blu-ray 200GB Disk

TDK making Blu-ray 200GB Disk


We don’t even have our hands on a viable burner or disc reader yet, but that isn’t stopping TDK from going full speed ahead with the Blu-ray technology. They already started dishing out single layer versions of the coaster for prices that would make your head spin, so I’m just a little more apprehensive now that TDK is working on a Blu-ray Disk that can store a whooping 200GB of data.

Of course, it would take you, what, 9 months to be able to burn all your data at the current speed of writing (provided you can get your hands on a burner in the first place), so obviously this format isn’t quite ready for shelves just yet. And just to clarify, the way that they’re managing to do it is to make the discs have eight layers. Yes 8 x 25 = 200.

I hear that they won’t be single-sided discs though, so the eight-layers is a touch deceiving, given that they will be dual-sided quad-layered coasters instead.