Sprint Nextel launches Family Locator Service

Sprint Nextel launches Family Locator Service


Sprint Nextel has made it easier for mom and dad to play Big Brother. Their new Family Locator Service, which launches today, lets customers use the GPS capabilities built into phones to track up to four mobile phones over the internet or on a wireless device.

Parents can ask the service to periodically find a phone and display it on a road map. They can also set an alarm so that they will be notified if their child isn’t in a certain place by a certain time. Children know that they are being watched, too – they receive a text message every time that they have been located.

The software is available from Sprint Nextel for $9.99 per month. Other companies have been selling extra devices or add-on services that provide similar results, but Sprint is the first carrier to make it available. Besides parents there will be obvious applications for people with elderly parents or employers with workers who spend a lot of time in the field.