Review: PixelClean makes your dirty dusty LCD new again

Review: PixelClean makes your dirty dusty LCD new again


Is your LCD screen getting a little dirty? Is it bordering on disgusting? Be honest. Unsure how to clean it? PixelClean LCD Screen cleaner from ScreenTek is designed specifically to clean your high gloss LCD screen. It also works well on other LCD screens such as laptop screens and HD and plasma TVs. PixelClean is safe for use on your precious screens because it is a polymer-based formula which is free of ammonia and alcohol. Ammonia-based products are not safe for use on LCD screens, or any type of plastic for that matter, and products with alcohol in them can streak.

PixelClean doesn’t just clean the screen, it also protects it. It eliminates the build-up of static electric charges, so dust is repelled. It’s biodegradable, too, so you aren’t getting a clean screen at the cost of dead furry animals.

ScreenTek, the Laptop LCD Specialists, sent us a Deluxe LCD Screen Cleaning Kit, so what else could we do with it, but spray it on some LCDs. In the pack you get a large and small spray bottle of pixel clean, two soft dry non-scratching cloth (PixelWipe) for buffing and 4 travel kits; each include a wet applicator and a dry buffing towelette.

The product works exactly as ScreenTek claims. Just spray your LCD screen, grab the PixelWipe cloth, dry it up, you may have to buff a bit to get those pop sprays and sneeze spots off, and viola. Your screen is clean and smudge free, and ready to repel future dust.

The product just went on sale Tuesday, the Deluxe pack pictured sells for $19.95 and should last you a many LCD cleanings.

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