Non-wireless music remote for Nokia phones

Non-wireless music remote for Nokia phones


So you finally took the plunge and decided to get yourself a music phone, but quickly learn that it can be a pain sometimes to have to reach into your pocket to change the track or turn up the volume. There are Bluetooth wireless sets out there on the market, but they can get pretty pricey pretty quickly, and you’d still need to turn to your handset to control the music playback itself.

Well, the iDNA Music Remote Handsfree addresses these issues for all you Nokia owners out there, allowing you to access your tunes at will, but automatically take phone calls as they come in. Compatible with 6111, 6230i, 6270, 6280, and 7360 Nokia handsets, this remote plugs into the “Pop Port” with the other end offering a standard 3.5mm stereo jack for your favourite headset. The remote provides control for Previous/Reverse, Next/Forward, Play/Pause, Volume Up and Volume Down.

Also capable of voice dialing and all that jazz, the iDNA is priced at $45 for the basic unit and $3 more if they want them to toss in an earpiece.