Korean version of Samsung Q1 UMPC is $2000

Korean version of Samsung Q1 UMPC is $2000


It really makes you wonder who they think they’ll be marketing these things to, because I wouldn’t pay that kind of price for a device that really isn’t that far ahead of what we currently have available. The Samsung Q1 UMPC is being priced at right around the $2000 USD mark in its home Korea, a price that can get you a pretty hot laptop of a nicely equipped tablet PC.

Granted, the Korean version of the UMPC is going to pack in a bunch of accessories, like a DMB TV receiver, USB keyboard, and auto adapter, but who wants to deal with all these extra doo-hickeys and cables when you can get a similar device that is more of an all-in-one.

The $2000 price tag is four times what industry pundits were originally predicting UMPC prices to be back when the Origami Project was initially unveiled, so you can only hope that Samsung will be releasing a more bare bones version of the Q1 for the rest of us.