Here comes the sun: Beatles online soon

Here comes the sun: Beatles online soon


Dear Prudence,

You will soon be able to get all of your Fab Four favorites online, with a little help from your friends at Apple Corps. And when they’re online, the Beatles brand of rock and roll music will be available to you eight days a week. Finally, after years of holding out, the company that the Beatles created is fixing a hole in the online music universe.

According to testimony in the Apple vs. Apple lawsuit involving iTunes, Apple Corps Managing Director Neil Aspinal has confirmed what many have suspected for a few years now—that the company is digitally remastering the entire Beatles catalog. Soon, the songs that defined a generation and still influence artists today will be all together now on the Web. The operations are in full swing, and apparently it won’t be long now.

Aspinall made the comments during the trial, which ended last week. (A decision is expected next week.)

So get back to your iTunes or whatever other download program you use to get your music fix. Doctor Robert will be with you soon.