Fatten up the Flashbag, load it up with data

Fatten up the Flashbag, load it up with data


While USB flash drives are incredibly popular because of their sheer ability to haul around substantial amounts of data in tiny packages, you really have no way to tell how much more capacity you have to spare unless you plug ‘er into a computer’s port. Of course, you could opt for one of those thumb drives that has a built-in LCD display, but if you’re feeling a little more expressive, you might want to take a second glance at the Flashbag designed by Dima Komissarov.

This patent pending device (not on the market yet, don’t ask me where you can get one, because I know you want one) inflates (with the integrated mini pump) as it fills up with data.

If you see it sitting on your desk flatter than a pancake, then you know you can stash many more MP3s and “important work-related documents” on this thing, but if it’s starting to look a little bloated, it might be time to empty ‘er out or grab another thumb drive. Now the question remains, if its in your pocket, you sit down on it, it pops, is all your data gone?