Color-changing, mood-sensing egg-shaped speaker

Color-changing, mood-sensing egg-shaped speaker


Hyphens are fun, aren’t they? Anyways, MobiNote is releasing an egg-shaped speaker set (not designed specifically for iPods, imagine that) that changes colours based on what kind of music you play. The Hipper 100 MP3 Mood Creator has a USB port to take on all your thumb drives and play back MP3 and WMA music files through its speaker of unspecified “thump.”

The egg detects the different rhythms found in your favourite song, and changes its color accordingly. There are ten different tones that the Hipper 100 is capable of, providing a nice range of mood lighting for you living room, bedroom, or wherever you choose to lay this thing (no pun intended). There is also a line-in port to take on standard audio devices (like CD players), as well as a line-out port if you want a louder sound from your top-of-the-line home theatre.

Unfortunately, MobiNote is an OEM manufacturer, so as they wait for distributors to pick up the Hipper 100 moody egg, you’ll have to find something else for your Easter party. Expect prices in the $70 range, when and if this ever hits the market.