Analog is out, dot matrix is in (for watches)

Analog is out, dot matrix is in (for watches)


The name of the store where you can pick one of these up says it all: I want one of those – stuff you don’t need, but really, really want. The latest in geek chic is this dot matrix watch that tells you the time in all its series of single light (black LED) goodness.

Sure, you could use the more normal 12-hour format to see if you’re late for the Star Trek convention, but if you’re feeling like getting your full nerd-dom on (or you’re still playing your army games), you can opt for a 24-hour display instead. And yes, you can switch to have it show you the date too. Interestingly, it says that this watch is suitable for ages 8 years and up, which makes me wonder why a seven-year-old can’t get his dot-matrix geek on with the rest of us.

The wristband is genuine leather, and it comes in tan (with yellow lights) or black (with red lights), both of which will put you pack £69.95 or about $112 USD.