Top Gear Downforce for DS later this year

Top Gear Downforce for DS later this year


If you thought Mario Kart DS got your palms all sweaty and offered great white knuckle action, you’ll be ecstatic to hear that another high profile racing game is heading to everyone’s favourite “touching is good” portable gaming machine. Top Gear: Downforce is heading to the Nintendo DS as a result of a partnership between Tantalus and Kemco, the same team that brought us Top Gear Rally for the Game Boy Advance.

Unlike the behind-the-racer perspective found in most console racing games, Top Gear: Downforce is opting for a top-down style view, somewhat reminiscent of certain old school racing games in the arcades. That’s not to say the graphics are dated, because there will be full 3-D models, and you’ll be able to make use of the touch screen as well. Best of all, wireless multiplayer and data sharing will be fully supported.

Look for Top Gear: Downforce for the Nintendo DS near the end of this year.

(Top Gear RPM Tuning for XBox pictured)