Ride ’em cowboy, pump up the jam!

Ride ’em cowboy, pump up the jam!


There never seems to be any shortage of speaker set options when it comes to equipping your Apple music player with the ability to fill a concert hall (or living room, whatever). Digital Cowboy has come out with a new system that is priced about the same as most other entry-level sets, but comes in a bandaid-esque form factor, and even a goofy name.

The Pod Cowboy iBass iPod Speaker has a pair of speakers that pump out 15 watts of tunes each, and will take on a good variety of glossy white (and black) players. There are options for the regular ol’ iPod, Mini, Nano, and 5G Video. Featuring an all-in-one design, the Pod Cowboy will also tackle other music players via its stereo mini-jack.

Weighing in at 750 grams, measuring 310 x 145 x 118 mm, and available in black and white, the Pod CowBoy iBass is priced at $99 from AudioCubes.