PeerBox brings P2P to your phone

PeerBox brings P2P to your phone


P2P (peer-to-peer) is coming to your mobile phone. A company called Nareos is launching a trial version of a mobile peer to peer downloading service called PeerBox. Once you have downloaded the application, you have access to over 50 million songs available on P2P networks. As you would expect, you can search by either artist or song title. PeerBox will also recommend tunes similar to your choice that you might also enjoy.

The final version of PeerBox is planned to go a step further. You will be able to speak the name of a song or artist into your handset. If you hold your phone close to the music, the system will recognize and locate that song for you. If the song is not copyrighted, it is yours. If there is a copyright you can have it after paying a fee.

The trial will run on the Symbian operating system. It is available in English to start, but is planned to be in Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, French, German and Italian. You can download a trial from