Laptop protection even after it’s lost

Laptop protection even after it’s lost


Lose your laptop, lose your identity, right? Not quite. If you contract with Everdream, you can have that data wiped even after the laptop has gone missing.

The desktop management service provider has launched Theft Recovery Managed Services, which allows you to set your laptop to either encrypt or wipe its data when it is connected to the Internet without your approval. (And with most machines, these days, it is difficult not to connect to the Internet when you turn the machine on.) In addition, the session information is stored on Everdream servers, to help locate the lost PC.

The Fremont, California based Everdream provides a suite of services for desktop management, including virus protection, asset and patch management, and online backup. For the Theft Recovery service, you will pay US$6 a month for each computer that you want to protect and also have to pay for at least one of the other Everdream services.