A new BlackBerry for Canadians

A new BlackBerry for Canadians


If you thought that Americans had the short end of the stick when it came to getting new cell phones, drooling over all the hot new gadgets coming out of Korea and Japan, you really need to live in Canada for a little while. Hot new handsets are hard to come by, so the new BlackBerry 7100i is a welcome addition to the Telus Mobility family.

Among the features involved are Push to Talk (Telus Mike’s Direct Connect), 64MB of flash memory, and 8MB of SRAM. Of course, you’ll get all the usual stuff you’re used to finding on a BlackBerry, including email, web browsing, organizer, Bluetooth, and even GPS tracking. Designed to look more like a phone that previous BlackBerry models, the 7100i is a “compact and stylish device” with “the full functionality of BlackBerry”, according to Telus Senior VP of Products and Services Robert Blumenthal.

In related news, Telus will now be launching BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.1 and BlackBerry Enterprise Service – Small Business Edition v4.1 to keep everyone connected while on the go.